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July 31 2020

Ball Dress Shopping - why start the search with us?

We know our stuff. We are literally “the experts” of all things black tie and will share with you our tips and tricks learned over the years, to make sure we get the best out of the dress for you. And working with our experienced stylists means you will be encouraged to try on styles that suit your shape, and colours that work best with your skin tone and hair colour. We can’t tell you how many times clients have left with a dress they would never have usually considered an as option. Bonus!

We source our gowns internationally, specifically from the US and Australia and it’s a prerequisite that they not only look amazing, but also are a great fit to suit all of our very different and beautiful kiwi body shapes. We also focus on a high standard of fit and the best quality fabrication so that they will wear well and be able to last the distance to be able to be on high rotation in your wardrobe.

Unsure of what to expect? Here's what will happen when you come to store:

  • You’ll visit us in store on any day from Monday to Saturday - you don’t need an appointment.
  • One of our amazing stylists will ask you a few questions about your “vision” & select around 4 styles according to these criteria. Don’t panic if you have no idea yet, we can help you out with this too!
  • You’ll head off to the fitting room where we will supply you with try on heels and our team will help you out with the zippers, adjusting the straps and sorting the dress so that is is sitting correctly on you. We want you to see exactly how the dress should fit so you can view it in all its glory!
  • Our stylists will ask you to share what you are loving and not loving as much so that if needed we can pull other pieces from the store for you to try.

Tips for trying on ball dresses and getting the best out of the experience:

  • Do it without your bra on. It’s a good way to check out how everything is sitting and see if you actually feel comfortable with the neckline. We can also talk you through the alternative options.
  • Wear our try on heels to simulate the final look, or bring in your own.
  • Wear a good pair of seamless underwear. It’s a must in these types of dresses. We do have shape wear available to try on with dresses too!
  • Don't try on too many! It often becomes very confusing and you end up no better off!

Everyone’s body is unique so investing in a gown means that you can tailor for an exact fit . Too long? A hem might need to be lifted. The straps falling off your shoulders? Easy, we will get that adjusted. Neckline a little too plunging? Close it up so you feel more comfortable. Or a little too roomy and there are no more in your size? It may need a tiny take in to fit you perfectly. Remember, these things are all easy to do. We work with an amazing alterations team who are not only experienced in our fabrications but are also super affordable and can work within tight deadlines. And more often than not, these little tweaks mean that you can fully focus on having a great night out with your friends.  

And if you can't make it into store, we can definitely work with you via our digital channels to style you this way too. Super easy!

Lastly, if you find you have gained maximum wear out of the piece – bring her back and pop her into our Pre Loved and treat yourself to something new.

So pop in soon.... we look forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream dress. Start your search here ♥︎