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1. The Seller placing items in store on consignment is acceptance of the full terms and conditions.

2. Glamour reserves the right to price items at our discretion.

3. Consignment items will be in store & online for a 12 week period.

4. Glamour will assess all preloved product in store on the days Monday - Friday only.

5. Glamour accepts consignment items only on provision that the owner accepts all risk of loss or damage. This includes but not limited to; theft, shop wear, tan & make up marks, zip breakage etc.

6. Any price reductions to the item will be at the discretion of Glamour, and seller will always receive commission on this final sale price (excluding GST).


Option 1: "Give me the Dollars" | Receive 50% of the selling price, excluding GST. This will be paid into a nominated bank account within 2 weeks from sale date.

Option 2: “More Glamour please” | Receive a store credit of 50% of the selling price, excluding GST + an additional 20%.. This is valid for 12 months.

- The payment choice is final and may not be transferred to any other option - no exceptions.
- It is up to the Seller to contact Glamour for status updates of your items.
- Any commission/store credit will expire after 12 months from sale date.
- Unsold items will be held at Glamour for 1 week after the finish date. If items are not picked up by this time, Glamour will dispose of these items at our sole discretion.
This may include gifted to charity or resold. Please note seller will not be notified.