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July 1 2020

Worn it once? Say hi to Glamour Pre Loved.

Our contribution to sustainable fashion, Glamour Preloved was originally launched as a temporary pop up as a way for clients to give their sometimes worn once or twice Glamour pieces, a second chance at a new life. Even celebs are embracing the "re-use" it initiative with fashion icon, Anna Wintour supporting circular fashion. "It's all about valuing the clothes you own and reusing them again and again and passing them onto a loved one or whatever the case may be".

Enter Glamour. With the rise of global uncertainty it became apparent we too needed to be part of the "shift to thrift" receiving an accelerated amount of requests to take brands outside of what we stock. The feedback ranged from "I only wore it once, it's such a shame to have it just sitting there" to "it's been sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing" and "I've spied something I want in store, I'd love the store credit!" So great news, brands we accept are open to all and we are also taking accessories - bags & jewellery only at this stage.

Now you ask, how does it all work?!

  • Message us a pic via our social channels or flick us an email (it doesn't have to be super professional, just so we get the gist of it)
  • Pic is then forwarded on to our buyer to assess to determine the best sale price & maximise the dollars you receive back.
  • If it's what we are looking for, and you are happy with the terms the piece needs to be dropped or couriered to our boutique.
  • It'll then be loaded with images to our online store and popped on the floor of the boutique for in store try ons.
  • Once it's sold you'll receive 50% (less the GST of course) OR take an additional 20% on top of this as a store credit - treat yourself to something new!

So, if you have a designer gown that's been sitting there for a while or perhaps a super chic party dress that is lonely & un-loved in your wardrobe, reach out. You'll be doing good for the planet while perhaps earning yourself a little extra $$ too. Win, win!