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Sunday Sessions | the cute story of Glamour's very own line of Face Masks


It's a great NZ feel good story for a local business amongst what could be classed as Covid-19 economic & business carnage. When the country went into panic mode (us included) heading into our first Level 4 Lockdown, Glamour's director, Charone and her hubby were chatting with a family relative about the extremely negative effects Covid-19 was going to have on both of their businesses.

A local furnishings manufacturer based in Auckland, their top priority was to keep employees safe and employed. As the demand for their core business slowed up and tough times financially were inevitable, it was clear that face masks were in short supply and the demand was rising fast. And in true Kiwi spirit,they quickly pivoted their business and started on the journey of designing and producing reusable Face Masks. Some would argue it's questionable to be seen to be profiting from an epidemic, but isn't it better to stimulate our economy rather than sending dollars off shore?

Enter Glamour, who realised that a lot of their friends and family would seek to bring a little bit of glamour to "staying safe". I mean, who doesn't love a little bit of animal print? And with designers worldwide adding masks to their latest collections, they are quickly becoming a fashion statement & communicate to your community that you care about their safety too.  

So what's great about ours? Supporting another fellow NZ business was a no brainer and they look pretty cute too (obviously). And each mask is hand-sewn so alongside being comfortable & breathable, the quality is on point. Able to be worn for longer periods of time (they were tested, tested and reworked to make sure they were) they are reusable and washable means they are kinder on the environment reducing the volume of single use masks ending up in landfills.

And while some may not be able to splurge on designer face masks from Chanel, remember that ours will give you bang for buck able to be worn multiple times. Plus, you will be an appreciated member of the #supportlocal movement. Win, win x

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