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Shopping online for Event Wear

Shopping online for your upcoming special occasion has never been easier. Searching for your perfect ball dress, guest of wedding dress or a black tie event, here are our top tips to make your experience a great one! 

Research NZ retailers | The benefits of shopping local means quicker delivery times and if its not right it’s easier to return. And you can feel good know you have supported the local economy.

Sizing and fits | Online retailers will have size charts for each brand, as sizing does vary from brand to brand. It’s easy to pop in your measurements to ensure the right fit.  If you still are unsure, message via the online chat - the team are there to help!

Style suggestions | Make use of the online chat functions and if you message us a pic, and answer a few questions we can definitely style you virtually.

You’ve ordered and it’s arrived to you, now what?

Try without your bra on | If it is without a sleeve it’s a good way to check out how everything is sitting and see if you actually feel comfortable with the neckline.   You’ll likely need a stick on bra and seamless underwear – you can shop these here.

Wear a good pair of seamless underwear | Super important to provide a nice smooth silhouette in your event outfit.

Try on with heels | Gowns are generally made for very tall people so popping some heels on, will help to simulate the final look. If it’s still a little long, don’t worry! Alterations are covered below.

Not quite the right fit? Let’s talk alterations | Everyone’s body is unique so investing in a gown means that you can tailor for an exact fit . Too long? A hem might need to be lifted. The straps falling off your shoulders? Easy, that can be adjusted. Neckline a little too plunging? Close it up so you feel more comfortable. Or a little too roomy and there are no more in your size? It may need a tiny take in to fit you perfectly.

Remember, these things are all easy to do and these little tweaks mean that you can feel confident and fully focus on having a great night out.  

If you live in Auckland, we work with an amazing alterations team who are not only experienced in our fabrications but are also super affordable and can work within tight deadlines. We recommend June’s Alterations, 485 Khyber Pass, Newmarket.