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Q & A with Claire Hahn

Wednesday 9th October 2019

With racing season upon us we caught up with award winning Milliner, Claire Hahn for her design inspiration & style tips.

What is it that you love about fashion for racing season?
I think we have such few opportunities to really embrace getting dressed up these days. It's a chance to really put thought and effort into an outfit that not only embodies race day tradition but also expresses your unique sense of style.
Where do you seek inspiration from when you are designing?
My inspiration is rooted in developing and innovating millinery design. I am deeply passionate about offering something different and fresh to more mainstream brands. I am a self taught milliner and so have a unique approach to the way I both design and contrast my headpieces. I am quite heavily directed by how fabrics move and mould and am renowned for my free form and heat activated designs.

Who are your current fashion inspo?
I am always inspired by women who have a strongly curated sense of personal style - Olivia Palermo, Christine Centenera, Miroslava Duma and Blair from fashion blog Pacific Atlantic are long time favourites.
What are your tips for head wear and creating the perfect top to toe look?
Firstly, don't be afraid of headwear. It may seem out of context for your everyday life but believe me when I say that you will be out of place at the track without it. Take the opportunity to get outside your comfort zone. When it comes to putting together your race day ensemble, it's important to put thought into all the small elements. Taking time to consider not just your dress but also your footwear, bag, jewellery as well as hair and make up will result in a look that is well polished and elegant.

What should we expect for the upcoming race season fashion?
Traditional florals are always heavily featured for Spring racing. Bold colour combinations are still making a strong appearance but also full tonal looks from top to toe will be a winning look. Sleeves are back, feathers are in and lace is out. But no matter what you choose to wear the one thing that never dates is a personal approach to race day style. Let your personality shine through!

What is it that you love about Glamour and working alongside the team?
I am super excited to be working with Glamour. I am always so impressed with their customer service and the way they treat each customer with the upmost care and personal attention. Dress by Glamour, hair and makeup by Simone Anderson, headpiece by me - what a dream team!