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What would you ask for if you had one wish?

Many of us dream of mansions, fast cars and a cheque with far too many zeroes. For Sheryce Aramoana, her wish was much simpler. All she wanted was to go the ball.

More specifically, 17 year old Sheryce wanted to go to the Opotiki School Ball, on July 30th and look every bit a part of the James Bond theme. More so, Sheryce wanted to share this experience with her two best friends and her sister so they could all get ready together.

Volunteers from the Make A Wish Foundation first met Sheryce at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland on the 26th May, Sheryce suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

“Sheryce is a delightful young lady, quietly confident, humble and an easy communicator,” they said about her and were eager to find a way to make her one true wish a reality.

On the surface, this wish appears easy enough. However, with Sheryce and her family living in Opotiki, the nearest town with some services is Whakatane. And, of course, no ball is complete without the perfect dress.

It was then that Glamour Boutique became involved, who very generously offered to help the girls find their perfect dresses in their Newmarket boutique.

On 12th July, Make A Wish flew Sheryce, her sister and two best friends up to Auckland to spend the afternoon at Glamour Boutique. The girls spent their time trying on an array of gorgeous dresses as well as receiving styling tips and suggestions.

“We love to get involved with local charities and allow girls who might not necessarily be able to ordinarily experience what we provide here at Glamour, the chance to do this,” explained Glamour Boutique Director Charone Mackessack.

“We were so pleased to be able to provide Sheryce and her friends an amazing afternoon in store and enjoy our in store experience, and own these beautiful pieces from the runways of New York.”

Glamour Boutique is more than a store, it’s an experience. From the newly launched The Style Space to their handpicked dresses, hosting Sheryce and her friends showcases the service that has become synonymous with Glamour Boutique.​​​​