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Behind the Brand | Nicole Kelly from Beauty Dust Co.


Great hair days means you need great product and as we all strive toward living cleaner then consider the switch to Beauty Dust Co. and do it today. With a focus on premium hair care products that are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non GMO, they are also free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, palm oil, micro beads and petrochemicals (phew, that's a lot) all the while looking pretty cute in our bathroom too.  

The first product to hit the market was the Beauty Dust product (see pretty pic above) and has proven to be a continued beauty must-have while the country has been in lockdown. A root touch up powder that temporarily covers greys with a lightweight, natural look and feel, it's perfect for in between visits to the salon! Added bonus - it's also water resistant so you can get in a workout or a swim and not have to worry about revealing those pesky greys.

When you meet Nicole, her high energy and passion gives you a little insight into why her products are stocked all over the world you and the reason her brand is so successful. She's also co-owner of Papinelle Sleepwear so busy is her middle name. We spoke to Nicole about what's going on...

What were you doing pre Beauty Dust Co. & how did you get to the point of launching your brand? I was co-owner of Blow Dry Bars in Auckland and had so many women come in for blow waves covering the top of their head embarrassed about their regrowth. That lead to the launch of our first baby Beauty Dust, which is a naturally pigmented powder that covers grey regrowth instantly and shampoos out. Once that was selling well I then went on to develop beautiful hair brushes, incredible natural shampoo, conditioners, leave in treatments & styling products all with an eco/clean focus.

What has been a career highlight for you? I've been an entrepreneur since I was in my 20's and have had a lot of pinch myself moments. The biggest highlight was having my own sleepwear brand in over 1000 Victoria's Secret stores across the US. At the time, Victoria's Secret were the Queens of Retail and we were tapped on the shoulder to meet with them in Columbus at their head office.

What is your favourite product in the range and why? My personal favourite is the Nourish Day Cream. It's like hand cream but for your hair. It instantly repairs dry, frizzy or dull hair with nutrient packed ingredients like Japanese camellia oil, coconut oil, gardenia flower extract and sunflower oil. These ingredients stop hair breakage, allowing hair to grow longer and stronger and help significantly reduce frizz. And it smells like gardenias which are my favourite flower.

What's coming next for Beauty Dust? I've been working for the past 4 years on product development so now is my time to share and educate more on the brand and our values. I'll also be focusing on international sales as we've had amazing interest from the US. If Covid-19 is kind to us cash flow wise I do have a couple of new products that are well into development that I would then look to launch these in September/October.

Any business tips for other boss babes? Breathe, and keep going.