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No Ugly

No Ugly | Skin

$6.99 NZD

A little bottle that packs a big glowy punch.

Available in:
Single | 250 ml
4 Pack | 4 x 250ml

Welcome to skincare on super-drive.

10,000mg of gorgeous, ethically sourced French marine fish collagen which significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness* when consumed daily for at least 4 weeks. Combining this with No Ugly’s hero ingredient Enzogenol®, New Zealand’s very own super-antioxidant, and with support from vitamin C, No Ugly Skin helps your body keep up production of its own natural collagen

The Enzogenol®/Collagen/Vitamin C combo is a winner, helping the formation and synthesis collagen along with firmness in skin. It comes in the form of a convenient, delicious, pineapple-flavoured wellness tonic.

To get the most out of No Ugly Skin, it’s best to treat it like part of your daily skincare routine. Taking one per day will have you radiating natural, million-bucks gorgeousness. Enjoy it in a moment’s peace at any time of the day or throw it in your handbag as you’re running out the door. It couldn’t be easier.

*Clinical Study CSR3463, Journal of Aging Research Clinical Practice, (Duteil et al,. 2016)'

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