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Havana Scented Candle

$50.00 NZD

Havana is built on rhythm, creativity, and 500 years of history. There’s a rainbow of sights & golden afternoons to delight travelers and locals alike. Add some colour to any room with top notes of vanilla and a delicious treat of raspberry. It’s time to create a destination in your everyday. Where do you want to be?

Natural fragrance created from pure coconut wax for your home, your mind, and your mood. The amazing scents burn for up to 70 hours with a longer lasting fragrance. Presented in a stunning box to be the perfect gift in any occasion.

  • 375ml/ 12 oz.
  • x2 Cotton wicks
  • Up to 70 hours burn time
  • Vegan and Eco-friendly
  • Made from a coconut wax blend
  • Paraffin wax free
  • Enjoy a longer lasting and cleaner burning candle
  • Materials: Coconut wax, Glass
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 11 cm


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